NEW 17-10-2016

COIL - "Backwards" Cold Spring digi CD

Dave Ball • Jon Savage - Photosynthesis Cold Spring Records CD


Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh | Needles Into The Ground Cold Spring Records LP black vinyl

Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh | Needles Into The Ground Cold Spring Records CD

Shibalba / Phurpa - Teachings Of Eastern Traditions Cold Spring Records LP

Sun Ra | Merzbow - Strange City Cold Spring Records CD


Nowy CD w Rage in Eden Records, z małym poślizgiem, ale już jest. Warto było czekać, duża dawka melancholii, smutku idealnie wkomponuję się w pogodę za oknem.

AENDLEX - "Driven By Night" Rage in Eden Records CD 2016


A journey of psych-folk experiences. Aendlex comes back with a work fully recorded in analog, the lyrics have been written in Venezuela and Italy. Take a trip into the highs and lows of these one man band memories...
New CD Aendlex - "Driven by Night" is 52 minutes,14 songs.

Aendlex - "Alma Gitana" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



NEW CD 6-10-2016

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Taken by the Flames digi CD / Steinklang Industries

ALLERSEELEN - "Frühgeschichte II - Requiem" digiCD lim.300 / Aorta, Ahnstern

ALLERSEELEN - "Terra Incognita" digi CD / Ahnstern

ASBAAR - "Aurora Folia" digipack CD lim. 150 copies / Steinklang SK73

ATOMTRAKT - "Sperrstelle Nordost" CD in digipak / Steinklang

CAFÉ DE L'ENFER - "Marchant à quatre pattes au-devant de la rédemption" digi CD / Steinklang

ERDE - Böse Zeit 6-side digipack / Steinklang

INNER DEPTH - "Horn Herald the Severity of the Day" digi CD lim.300 / Steinklang

LARRNAKH - "Now Will You Believe?" Steinklang Industries digipack CD

STAHLWERK 9 - "The Grey Ghost" digi CD lim.350 / Steinklang

STURMPERCHT - Geister im Waldgebirg (deluxe brown) CD lim.150 / Percht

STURMPERCHT / RAUHNÅCHT - Zur Ew'gen Ruh CD in 6-side A5 digipack with very special print - lim.500 copies / Percht

VASILISK - "Acqua" digi CD lim.350 / Steinklang Industries

VASILISK - "Mkwaju" digi CD lim.350 / Steinklang Industries

VASILISK - "Whirling Dervishes" digi CD lim.350 / Steinklang Industries

Waldteufel - "Rauhnacht" Percht CD in digipack with 16-page booklet

WERKRAUM - "Kristalle" Ahnstern digipack CD

WHITE HOSPITAL - Holocaust digi CD / Steinklang Industries





LARRNAKH - "Necrofolk - Like the Silken Shrouds of Death" CD and CDBOX (+ bonus disc)



Rage in Eden Records presents 45 minutes of neofolk, industrial with noise elements. Album also released in a 38 pices of exlusive, wooden boxed bonus disc with 4 previouusly unreleased tracks (+ 20 minutes).



  1. Internal Storm
  2. A Dream in Grey
  3. Private Passion
  4. Dewdrops On My Wings
  5. Korpulavra
  6. Flames in Frost
  7. Vincit Omnia Veritas
  8. Korpsvolgt
  9. For a Dead Man
  10. December
  11. The God That Never Was

bonus disc:

  1. Delictum 2014
  2. Obscure heaven
  3. Cristen
  4. The God that never was (instrumental)


TREFLE NOIR - "Villanelle du Diable" CD 2016

After working with Sven Mann on two LIYR's albums, Alexandra Nordrac started a dark ambient project TREFLE NOIR. Her first album " Villanelle du Diable" leads us into a dark and poetic universe. Inspired by French poetry from the 19th century, the texts lead us through the maze of death, near borders of the afterlife, witchcraft and madness, and all this on a dark and scary music, mixing of soundscapes, drones and percussions.

Trèfle Noir - Villanelle du diable - video 


  1. Fleur de verre
  2. Amour d'hôpital
  3. Symbole
  4. Villanelle du diable
  5. La mort
  6. Oraisons mauvaises
  7. Mensonges
  8. Foetus
  9. La ronde du remords





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